Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It's Arrived!

Searching, searching, searching and I found it.
I've been wanting a ruffler /gathering foot to make life a little easier.
 I'm the "Make Do and Mend" kind but I've been gathering by hand since the age of 12.
I did my research -blog tutorials, video tutorials, compared brands -all the usual things.
 I decided that I didn't want one - I NEED one.
The Hunt Was On!
I have a fantastic sewing machine but the feet are VERY expensive 
and completely out of my price range. 
I knew that I needed a high shank foot rather than a low shank foot to fit my Bernina 
and that's where the challenge began. There are a variety of generic feet out there but not all of them will fit my specific machine.
When I ordered the ruffler foot from Amazon, I took a risk because the description named sewing machine brands but not specific makes. The photo looked like it would fit, the price was amazing (under 10 pounds)  and it could always be returned. 
The little box arrived from Taiwan on Monday and it perfectly.  

 I've had a little play and I think this sample is only just the beginning!


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